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Personalized sales development process optimization

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What We Do

Optimizing your sales development function is the single most effective effort you can undertake to predictability scale your sales revenues. Revenue Catapult looks at your sales development function and identifies ways to operate more efficiently and effectively. We assess what you are currently doing and personalize the Predictable Prospecting™ methodology to help you iteratively achieve better results. We train your team and leave them empowered to continue the success.

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Signs You May Benefit From a
Sales Development Process Consultant

We deliver personalized solutions to all of these challenges

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You're missing too many revenue goals

Your board or investors want to see more sales faster

You're struggling to systematically find new sales opportunities

business growth
Finishing Line

Your revenue is too unpredictable making it hard to scale

Your training is inconsistent and onboarding takes too long

You can't figure out how to coach low performers into high performers

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Revenue Catapult delivers measurable results

You may think of a sales development engagement as an expensive, time-consuming, exercise that may or may not get you where you want to go. Good news! We are the no nonsense, high-impact, hands-on boutique consultancy you're looking for.

We deliver personalized care and results you'll be shouting about from the rooftops. We meet you where you are and help you become an efficient modern selling machine.

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What our most successful clients look like

Unlike you, we are not looking to grow. We take on a very limited number of clients so each receives personal attention. We only work with companies that have the greatest potential for success. Do the criteria below describe you? If so, let's talk!

Cheerful Woman with Glasses

Sell a product or service to other businesses

Blond Smiling Woman

Are a mid-sized company

Feel pressure to accelerate sales

Smiling Businessman

Are looking to bring predictability to their sales revenue

Smiling Young Businessman
Happy Businesswoman

Have mature marketing support


Have a solid product market fit

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What Our Clients Say


Dian Daniel, VP Sales, QuintEvents

I’ve seen people throw bodies and hundreds of millions of dollars at projects that fail to even get things moving much less grow in scale. To be able to work with one consultant to guide and steer entire teams of people to change processes and to change behavior and then see that type of scale happen is pretty amazing. And that happened here.

Case Studies

Our results speak for themselves

QuintEvents doubles sales efficiency in six months, nearly triples in 18 months


Avoka (now Temenos) creates predictable
revenue, raises cash and cashes out


Attune Medical generates one million in sales pipeline in three months

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Why Revenue Catapult

Since 2014, we’ve helped our clients create high-efficiency, effective sales processes and identify hundreds of millions in sales opportunities through personalized consulting. When you work with Revenue Catapult, you get hands-on, personal attention from the expert, Patty Laushman. She will meet you exactly where you are and lead you to the next level of revenue possibilities.

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The Woman Behind the Performance

As an entrepreneur with a successful exit under her belt, Patty Laushman’s mission is to help early- and growth-stage companies overcome one of the most difficult challenges they face -- accelerating sales predictably. Since 2014 she’s been helping companies crack the code of why their best customers buy from them, systematizing how to find more sales opportunities with their ideal customers and helping these companies implement and optimize outbound sales systems. 

Previously, she started a tech services company that helped small- to mid-sized businesses use Linux and open-source software to compete with larger companies more effectively, and she sold that company in 2012. Patty found her passion in sales development after a client asked her to read Predictable Revenue, the sales Bible of Silicon Valley, and invited her to try her hand at it. It was love at first site, the most fun she’d ever had in business. 

She realized immediately that if she’d solved the predictable revenue problem for her former company, the check she received when she sold it would have more zeros on the end of it! As an entrepreneur and avid volunteer for Rockies Venture Club, she recognized the value of creating predictable revenue for all companies -- and Revenue Catapult was born. 

After an opportunity to move up-market in 2018, she expanded her skills into sales operations and sales enablement and became obsessed with the huge impact incremental changes in sales process, technology and training could create. She now looks holistically at her clients' entire sales ecosystem and applies solutions that drive measurable improvements to top and bottom line revenue.

Patty's Unique Perspective

Patty’s unusual background as a symphony violinist, analytical chemist, marketing copywriter, high tech recruiter, high school chemistry teacher and an entrepreneur with a successful exit makes her uniquely qualified to cultivate and innovate unique solutions. She earned a B.A. in chemistry from the University of Northern Colorado, and a minor in music performance, an M.A. in journalism with a focus on integrated marketing communications from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a secondary science teaching license from Metropolitan State College of Denver. 

Patty lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, son and Golden Retriever. In her free time she enjoys hiking, backpacking, camping and traveling.

Tech Stack

In sales, it doesn’t matter what kind of fancy technology you use if it doesn’t work with the flow of your business. We can assess your sales processes, management needs and culture to ensure that each piece of your technology stack works for you rather than against you.

Although we are system agnostic and can adapt to any system that is right for your organization,
we are especially well versed in the following technologies:

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