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Avoka (now Temenos) creates predictable revenue, raises cash and cashes out

Case Study


Avoka (now Temenos) developed an award-winning digital customer acquisition software platform that enabled financial institutions to quickly digitize their product applications and client onboarding. The product helped them thrive in the digital banking age by creating a great digital customer experience. It also provided the banks visibility into what was happening throughout the application process so they could make tweaks to maximize completion rates and acquire more customers faster.

Avoka had operated successfully for several years out of Sydney, Australia when it decided to open a North American presence in Broomfield, Colorado. At first, their focus was on staffing the new office, but soon their attention shifted to growing sales rapidly in an effort to be acquired.

They successfully partnered with Patty Laushman and Revenue Catapult to build out their sales and marketing teams and create a predictable sales development function. This led to investor dollars that enabled them to scale quickly and be acquired by Tenemos.

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